Bluetooth CO2 / VOC / Temperature & Relative Humidity Desktop Data Logger

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Portable and easy to use Bluetooth CO2 / VOC, Temp & Humidity Data Logger. A good indoor environment will be benefit to body health and also improve body immunity, reduce the disease rate. A good supply of carbon dioxide will also help vegetable and mushroom growth. Try our newest Bluetooth CO2 | VOC | Temperature | Relative humidity meter.

Alert when VOC / CO2 PPM is too high (above a value you set). Carbon dioxide meter has important function in agriculture as a CO2 Level Controller with Relay and many places. It will reduce the loss of CO2 by using the carbon dioxide meter in time. Carbon dioxide meter is widely used in factory ,workshop, greenhouse, clean room, industry and agriculture, wine and beer industry,hotel,hospital, schools, shop market,airport,railway station, parking lot, RV's and cars, entertainment hall and movie theater etc.

The Bluetooth CO2 / VOC Data Logger / Air Quality Monitor / CO2 Level Controller with Relay, Temperature & Relative Humidity with SD Card Function and Free Software Indoor Air Quality Monitor-Desktop unit is perfect for residential, office, some types of grow rooms (mushrooms and medical cannabis) and domestic applications. Via Bluetooth and USB port connection, you can monitor and store logs into your computer using the software included.


Measuring:  Temperature, Humidity, CO2, VOC:
Accuracy:  Temperature:  +/- 0.5°C ,Humidity:  +/- 3%RH ,CO2:  +/- (50ppm+3%)
Sensor:  Humidity:  Capacitive    CO2:   NDIR
Correspond time:  CO2(T90) <60s                                   Temperature and humidity:  1/e(63%)change  ,Slow flow rates <10s
VOC:  20m2 indoor, for 10ppm ethanol<1min, for flue gas<5min
Alarm:  Sound and light alarm
Operating:  Touch buttons
USB interface
Input power :  5VDC
Power consumption:  1.5W
Warm-up time:  2 minutes, and for the first time 2 hours
Use environment:  -10—50degree, 0--95%(No condensation)
Housing:  IP40
Size:  125*85*30mm