Industrial and Safety Application

OSHA and LEED requires the safety of our employees and create a safe work environment by monitoring and controlling the CO2 levels exposure. To help and protect the employees in your company these devices are necessaries to prevent accident and may safe life. Suitable for Safty Industrial Environment, manufacturing process, confined space, storage areas, freezers, brewing, wineries, food packaging, offices areas and HVAC applications. To learn the limits of CO2 permitted for OSHA and LEED click here.

        Man-Holes Safety OSHA         CO2 Storage and Fire Suppression

These CO2 Gas Detection Devices are portable and handheld for easy use. Monitoring the CO2 gas levels fast and in real time for best response accuracy. The Wall Mount and Duct Mount units have programmable alarms set up for OSHA and LEED parameters. Easy installation, software and multiples units can be connected different ways to create a multi-controllers system. 

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Multi-Controllers and Alarm Systems