CO2 Gas Detector Alarm & Handheld Analyzer

  • $390.00

GASP-D1-R-CO2 hand-held infrared carbon dioxide CO2 gas detection alarm device is the one of the world's smallest portable gas detector, a new generation of high-precision infrared carbon dioxide gas sensor, safe and reliable, can be toxic and hazardous gas hazardous environment staff Provide safety protection




Small size, lightweight, easy to carry;
High measurement accuracy, short response time and wide measuring range.
Test range 0-10000 ppm CO2
Large-screen color LCD graphics display, more comfortable and user-friendly;
English menu display
USB rechargeable lithium battery, lifelong, fast and convenient charging;
Built-in high-capacity memory can store a large amount of measurement data;
Strong sound and light alarm, vibration alarm a variety of alarm methods;
Waterproof dust and drop explosion-proof solid shell protection, high protection level;
Support USB and PC communication, PC calibration;
Flashing warning lights to facilitate work in the dark;
PPM and mg / m3 conversion, user-friendly readings.

Application areas

Petrochemical industry, power industry, water treatment industry, tobacco industry, pharmaceutical industry, food industry, coal, metallurgy, municipal gas, environmental monitoring and other occasions on-site testing.